Wednesday, July 30, 2014

4th of July Weekend

It's about time to back this thing up, and go back to the beginning of the month, 4th of July weekend. The details of the weekend are already a little fuzzy, but I do know that we had a fabulous time! We spent time with my family, went to the Nisswa parade, grilled, watched fireworks, went for a boat ride, picked strawberries, and made jam. What more could you ask for?!
Spending the holiday weekend in small town America was just perfect. What wasn't perfect, driving back to the Twin Cities, with the other half of the Twin Cities that spent the weekend up north. Brian had to leave a day sooner than I did to get back for a bachelor party, so I was driving solo with the boys. The 2.5 hour drive turned into a 4 hour drive thanks to everyone and their mother driving south. And add in blow out diapers from not only Ollie, but also Harry, a bee in the car, and hungry children.... Needless to say, we were happy to pull in the drive way and have dad waiting for us!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Boys First Twins Game

Rookie parent mistake: telling your child they are going to get to go to a Twins game once they wake up from their nap. 

Well that one blew up in our face. 

Brian's brother Mike has been dreaming about the day he would be able to take his nephew to a Twins game. This has been talked about often. Probably dating all the way back to when Harry was in the womb. This was certainly a long time coming. So when we picked a game, we thought to ourselves "A 6pm night game will be great because Harry will nap, and when he wakes up we will load up and go, and hopefully not be out too late past his bed time." 

Game day rolls around and as I am fighting Harry to take a nap I tell him, "You need to go to sleep, because once you wake up, we are going to a baseball game with Uncle Mike!" And as the words were coming out of my mouth, my palm instantly went to my forehead knowing what I just did....Well the next two hours were spent with Harry playing in his crib shouting the words Uncle Mike and baseball. 

Despite not taking a nap, little man did surprisingly well at his first baseball game. Very little baseball was actually watched, too be expected, but we all had a great time. So this is how the evening went down:

If you were to place bets on a single guy, or a family of 4 arriving to a location first you'd think it would be the single guy, but no. We beat Mike to the stadium. It might have had something to do with the fact that we parked in the ramp connected to the stadium.... long gone are the days where we save a buck or two and hoof it through downtown. We are now the family that parks as close as possible, and pays way too much to do so. So we arrived and Harry had to anxiously wait.
Once Mike made it, we made our way up to our seats and it wasn't long before we realized Harry needed something to occupy himself because just sitting in his seat wasn't going to happen. And the poor people in front of us probably got their head whacked a handful of times from Harry walking up and down the row and climbing in and out of his seat. So popcorn and Pepsi to the rescue.
We owe Mike a huge thank you because he was the one that provided us with these pretty wonderful seats!
Thanks Uncle Mike!
Ollie was fantastic the whole night! He spent majority of his time in the Ergo, but he did make it out for about 30 minutes and happily just sat in our lap.
It took about 3 innings before Harry had enough of sitting, so off we went to walk around the stadium. Witnessed below is one of the minor meltdowns probably because we wouldn't let him run wild through the walkways....
While the boys hung out, Ollie and I quick snuck away to guest services so I could feed him. We were in good company with about 7 other nursing moms, and in the 15 minutes of nursing I think we managed to talk about thrush, mastitis, our OB's, pediatricians, and how old and big each baby in the room was. Nothing brings women together quite like breatfeeding. And then we were off to walk around the stadium some more!
After 1 lap, we headed back over to our seats with a helmet full of ice cream. 
And as soon as the ice cream was polished off, back to walking around the field we went. We made a quick pit stop at the bullpen....
... and a soaked in the view.
At this point we were in the 9th inning, the Twins were down 0-5, so we decided to call it quits and make our way out. 
Surprisingly, Harrison lasted a lot longer than I thought he would, and Ollie was just the peach who ended the night sleeping on my chest in the ergo. I would call that a successful first ball game for both boys! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Taking Stock

Making: Our family budget. Yuck. Not the kind of 'making' I love, but a necessary evil
Cooking: All sorts of delicious meals thanks to emeals. The latest being grilled caprese flatbreads with chickpea salad
Drinking: Gin and tonics
Reading: Children of the Day. It's hardly reading considering it's the work book for my bible study, but that's about all I have time for lately
Wanting: To get started using essential oils
Looking: At the deer and turkeys every morning with Harrison shouting and pointing at them
Playing: "How big is Ollie!"
Wasting: Time by sitting on instagram too long
Sewing: Ha. Sewing....
Wishing: There were 10 more hours in a day
Enjoying: Summer! Minnesota summers are all to short so we are more then soaking it in
Waiting: For Ollie to sleep through the night and drop the 5am feeding
Liking: My most recent paycheck. Thank you time and a half!
Wondering: How long we are going to live in our current house for
Loving: My 3 boys. How cliche, I know. But I could seriously tear up just thinking about how much I love them.
Hoping: That Harrison will be potty trained by the time he is 3
Marvelling: At God's handiwork in nature
Needing: More coffee. Always more coffee.
Smelling: The hydrangea bush outside the kitchen window
Wearing: Lululemon. When am I inside my home not wearing lulu....
Following: The sun
Noticing: How much I love pregnant women.
Knowing: That in a month from now, we are sadly going to be saying goodbye to summer
Thinking: My job really is too easy.
Feeling: Bliss.
Opening: Bills.
Giggling: Harrison looking through binoculars backwards
Feeling: contentment

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Esprit De She 2014

Last year, Spring 2013, my friend Kelsey asked me to run the Esprit De She 5k with her. As much as I would have loved to, I was newly pregnant, exhausted, and doing my best not to throw up all day long, so I declined. After she ranted and raved about how much fun it was, I vowed to myself that I would run it the following year.

Well here we are, a year later, and now I too, can rant and rave about how fun this 5k is! It is a women's only 5k, and seriously a blast. The actual run, not as much fun, but the after party, worth it! But first, the run....

The past few months I have slowly been whittling down my 5k time to an 7:45min/mile pace. Then about two weeks before the race, I took a two week break from running because life just got busy, and the few work outs I did squeeze in, I just didn't feel like running! So come race day, I was coming off 3 overnights of work, and no training for 2 weeks, not ideal. I was hoping the energy of the race and endorphins would help me power through with an at least 8 min/mile pace, but no.

Literally as soon as I started running and crossed the start line, I had a terrible side cramp that would not go away. I tried running with my hands on my head, deep breathing, walking... nothing seemed to help. After the first mile of no relief I figured this cramp was just going to stick around (and stick around it did! 2 days after the race I STILL had a side cramp.) Thankfully the course was lined with all the beautiful homes of Edina, so letting my mind daydream about owning one of those homes was a wonderful distraction. 
All in all, I finished with a time of 27:01. Not the time I was hoping for, but at least I finished. And considering I'm only 5 months postpartum, I'll take it. 
My splits were:
Mile 1 8:15min/mile
Mile 2 9:23min/mile
Mile 3 9:16 min/mile
At the finish line Kels and I met up with my dear friend Kayla and her mom who also ran the race!

Athleta was a major sponsor of the event, so everything in their store was 20% off for all runners. Kelsey and I made sure to stop on over and put our discount to use. And wouldn't you know, Kels and I walked out of there both buying the exact same shirt and pants. Great minds sure do think alike. And please note our matching shorts.... not planned.  
After our little retail therapy, we then made it over to the food area and picked up some pretty phenomenal turkey burgers courtesy of the Edina Grill. Next up, drinks. And this year we learned our lesson for next year: as soon as you cross the finish line, keep running all the way over to the drink line. Kelsey and I unfortunately had to wait about 45 minutes in line to get our drinks, but at least we had good company as we met back up with Kayla and her mom.
All in all, everything was seriously so much fun. Running the race in the evening verse morning (like most of the races I've done) was a fun switch up. And bonus that you don't have to feel guilty for drinking after the race, as it's actually at an appropriate drinking time! The swag bags were great as they were catered to women, and running alongside strong women of all ages was certainly a privilege. And for next year, running this race will definitely be on my summer to do list!

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

According To My iPhone Pics

If you were to scroll through my iPhone pictures, here is a little sampling of what you would find from the last month:

-Bath time with my boys. Mohawk, soap beards, and all...
 -We have had some pretty nasty rain storms lately. This picture really doesn't capture just how hard it was coming down
 -This is how Harry is entertained for long trips
 -Ollie is finally in cloth diapers!
 -And he is no longer swaddled, and sleeps in his own crib, in his own room
 -Harry talks non stop about his grandparents. Every single day I get to hear about Grandpa's big green tractor, and grandma jan's blankie. No lie, probably 15 times a day he talks about my dads tractor.
 -The day before the 4th we attended the Nisswa parade. Harry loaded up on candy, frisbees, and bead necklaces
 -The night of the 4th my parents watched the boys so Bri and I could go to the fireworks without awake, screaming children
 -The day after the 4th, my mom and I went strawberry picking
 -One of our 4 buckets
 -Harry chilling on the boat
 -And it appears that Brian is nursing Ollie under my jacket, but no. He was just trying to keep him out of the sun
 -With the strawberries my mom and I picked we made 6 batches of jam
 -And many pb&j sandwiches have since been eaten
 -Hello 5 month old Oliver!
 -This is an incredibly terrible photo, but this was as good as it got when it came to capturing Ollie's tooth that he popped through! Its still just a little nubbin poking through the skin, but in no time he's going to have 2 little chompers
 -The other day I put Ollie in the Lifetime child care and Harry and I enjoyed some one on one time drinking smoothies and sitting next to the pool. Bliss!
 -That night when Bri got home, we went back to Lifetime but this time Harry actually got to go swimming! Ollie and I also joined in on all the splashing
 -Something about evening swims is so nostalgic. I have so many fond memories of going to the pool with my brother and sister, and swimming till the sun nearly set and our muscles ached.
 -This past weekend our friends Steph and Dan got married at the amazingly beautiful and new venue called A'Bulae in downtown St. Paul. The ceremony was on the roof, followed by the reception one floor down with breathtaking views of the city. Brian and I got engaged on the steps of the capital, so St. Paul will always hold a special spot in my heart!
And there ya have it! A brief, non detailed description of what's been going on this summer! 
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